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By combining our 40 years of filtration process knowledge and our inhouse manufactured filtration products, our aim is to build effective, long-term working relationships with our clients.

Filtration solutions

The Tapis Quality is built from the market knowledge we have gathered over the past 40 years. Together with our clients’ valuable feedback, we modify, engineer and build our own pressure leaf filters, pulse tube filters, separators and customized products to meet the filtration requirements of the markets. We focus on providing filtration solutions in the edible oil, oleo chemical and chemical markets.

Pressure leaf filter

The pressure leaf filter has been a proven solid liquid filtration system for decades, used in a wide variety of markets and applications. Particularly in the edible oil industries, pressure leaf filters are most commonly used in crude oil, bleached oil, winterized oil and nickel catalyst filtration.

The heart of the system consists of square mesh elements. These elements are ruggedly built with a firm mesh tightness across the element, providing the ideal condition for the all-important cake build-up on which the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration process depends on.


Pulse tube filter

The pulse tube filter is an incredibly flexible filter because of its robustly constructed, round stainless steel elements. The elements are designed for the smooth clamping of filter cloth. This ensures good cake build-up, where efficiency and effectiveness of the pulse tube filtration process depends on.

The filter cloth used on the pulse tube filter is available in different porosity  and materials. Together with the capability of back pulsing, the pulse tube filter is very flexible in its operation and can be an automated process too.


Johannes Filtration, the Tapis quality

Based in the Netherlands, we at Johannes Filtration want to stay close to our clients in Europe. Together with our parent company, Tapis Teknik, we focus on providing filtration solutions for our clients.

Thomas Kok, director

We look forward to assist you with any of your filtration challenges