Filter leaf elements

The filter leaf is used for cake filtration. The complete design of the filter leaf keeps this goal of cake filtration in mind. Most importantly is the filter mesh, which needs to be even and well tensioned to allow good cake build-up.

A robust design with a solid frame will keep the leaves rigid and strong. This ensures that, during the cake discharge step of the process,  the vibrations of the pneumatic air vibrator translate in sufficient movement of the filter leaf, thus allowing  the cake to release and drop easily.


Mobile rack

Johannes Filtration offers additional to the pressure leaf filters, also mobile racks to store or transport the pressure leaf filter elements.

The pressure leaf filter elements need to be cleaned from time to time. Therefor a transportation rack can be quite useful as the often cleaning and storage is not at the same place as where the filtration happens.

The Johannes Filtration movable racks are custom made with a standard build up from a basis. Additional features can be chosen for and implemented in the design. This can be for example a drain tray with or without a valve or a change in materials.

The size of the rack depends on the filter model.


  • Robust design
  • Even and well tensioned filter mesh for good cake build-up
  • Special drainage nozzle
  • Variety of materials and designs
  • Interchangeable with other brands
  • Customized designs
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