Pressure leaf filter spare parts

The pressure leaf filter has several spare parts that need to be changed regularly during its lifetime. There is also the need for damaged spare parts to be replaced. It is essential to replace the correct spare parts to ensure continuous smooth operation of the filters.

Spare Parts

  • Handwheel
  • Preferred to other closure mechanism with a pleasant hold to close the top cover. Automatic options available
  • Top cover and gasket
  • Important for the proper closure of the filter vessel, advised to change regularly to avoid leakage
  • Leaf clamping bar with spacing rings
  • The leaf clamping bar is important for the proper spacing of the filter leaves and the correct transfer of vibration during cake discharge
  • Drainage manifold
  • A proper produced manifold with perfect holes is essential to prevent leakage between the manifold and the filter leaf
  • Vibrator assembly
  • Essential for the discharge of dry cake. A good vibrator assembly together with the pneumatic air vibrator will give the correct amount of vibration to dislodge the cake from the filter leaves
  • Actuator
  • The actuator is used for opening and closing the butterfly valve. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions are available
  • Butterfly valve
  • The butterfly valve is situated at the bottom of the filter vessel and provides the closure of the tank. The butterfly valve is a common cause of leakage, so proper maintenance and the correct design are essential for a smooth operation
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