Pulse tube filter spare parts

Johannes Filtration supplies spare parts for all brands of pressure leaf type filters, such as the Niagara type Cricket and PTS.
In order to serve the industry adequately, we are able to supply spare parts from various brands in the market. These spare parts come in various sizes and material. Furthermore, our engineers are available to support you with custom made solutions.
We keep a healthy stock level of spare parts in our warehouses in Europe and Asia to ensure maximum flexibility and short delivery times for our customers.

Spare Parts

  • Handwheel
  • Preferred to other closure mechanism with a pleasant hold to close the top cover. Automatic options available
  • Top cover gasket
  • Important for the proper closure of the filter vessel, advised to change regularly to avoid leakage. Available materials: Viton, Buna, HNBR, EPDM
  • Pulse tube elements
  • Unless the pulse tube elements are very strong, they can also be damaged due to handling. Johannes Filtration produces and delivers spare elements
  • Cloth & clip
  • Cloth is a essential part for filtration with the pulse tube filter. The cloth should be mechanically strong for back pulse, but relatively easy to handle for mounting. There are several types of clips available in diverse materials for good mounting of the cloth to the element
  • Butterfly valve
  • The butterfly valve is a common cause of leakage, so proper maintenance and the correct design are essential for a smooth operation. Also available: low maintenance butterfly valves from EBRO (HP) type
  • Actuator
  • The actuator is used for opening and closing the butterfly valve. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions are available
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